Saturday, September 22, 2012

How do you store your ribbons?

I used to have ribbons everywhere....and I mean everywhere.  I also had them stored different ways until I realised there was a better way.

Introducing RIBBON RING.  A really great way to store your ribbons.

No more wrinkled, creased or tangled ribbons when you use the Ribbon Ring!

The beauty of the ribbon ring is that you can have one for every colour family and you can store quite a few ribbons on each ring.

The Ribbon Ring Starter set (available at The Papercraft Hub) comes with 30 ribbon cards and one ring to store all the cards on. To use the cards, you pull your ribbon through the two slots on the ribbon card and viola!

Grab a 3M hook or something more decorative and hang these on your wall for a great effect.  How effective would it be????

It makes finding your ribbons easy AND you can see what ribbons are running low at a glance.

Grab it quickly if you are planning to go to a card making or scrapbooking retreat.

Use it for your craft ribbon or to store hair ribbons.

Give the Ribbon Ring a try....I am sure you will love it!!!

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